18 May 2014

Colourful 30Ts

In early 1968 Dubbo loco depot staff apparently took to their yard shunters with imagination and a nod to history.  The following two photographs record their efforts, some months after they occurred.  

Perhaps the most garish livery ever to be applied to a NSW steam locomotive in revenue service was that applied to 3144T.  Here it is in Dubbo yard, much faded, some time later that year.  The slide quality doesn't help, but you get the idea of the the inventive highlighting of the painters.

In a marginally less deteriorated slide, 3144T's stablemate, 3028T, was snapped on the same day.

Two very fine looking elderly ladies!

News that a HO scale 30T may soon hit the shelves of hobby shops has caused me to think of the possibilities of recreating the following scenes. Not by me of course - I am far too poor, but hopefully someone can...