12 May 2015

Turning locos at Coonamble

Just a quick blog to publicise a terrific little article by Jim Stokes in this month's Railway History on turning C32 class locos on the 50 foot turntable at Coonamble.

Not only does the article star one of my favourite Dubbo 32s, 3230, it is a nicely illustrated and informative short article about a process I would never have seen (because if I had travelled 154 miles on a mixed on a Saturday, knowing that there was another 154 miles to go, I would have gone to the pub).

Having now read the article about 5 times I still can't work out who had the worse job- the fireman who got to push the turntable or the driver who had to hang onto the rear end of a tenderless 32 class.

If you have a spare $8.40 it's a bargain!

Ciao for now!