14 December 2015

Signal frame

Again, its been a while. Just to let those who watch this blog that its author is still kicking here are a couple of my favourite shots of Eumungerie.

The signal frame was always out in the elements at Eumungerie, although somewhat protected by being located between the two buildings on the platform.

In 1979 the remaining building needed a paint job, but the frame still looked very servicable and well-used.

While the frame only possessed seven signal levers, there was a very nice signalling diagram to assist staff.

Here's a view of the rear of the station building (again in 1979) sowing the rear of the frame.

Even after the demise of the final station building, the frame lived on.  Here it is around 1995 when the NSW Railways were entering their minimalist phase.

The signal frame was gone at some stage in the following decade, leaving only the  hut.

So there is another little piece of Eumungerie's railway history remembered.

Ciao for now!