24 November 2014

Not where I thought?

Here is a photograph of a fairly everyday experience from about 1965 (I think).

The loco in question - 3222 - was allocated to Dubbo in 1965 and 1966. It looks like the train it has behind it is a very healthy up pickup, with wool and wheat loading. 

The railway precinct is also rather interesting - the edge of the turntable can be seen, along with the water tank and carriage shed. Gillespie Bros. flour mill can be seen in the background, along with a relatively rare Metcalfe silo.

I had always had this photograph pegged as Gilgandra - principally due to the fact that the word 'Gil' was written on the slide mounting frame! Fairy reasonable conclusion to draw...

But now am not so sure. I am fairly sure the Metcalfe silo is out of town, and Gilgandra had a turning wye rather than a turntable (or maybe both?).

Wherever it is, its a cracker as a modelling proposition given most of the major infrastructure is on one side. Dead flat too.

The clue to where it is - and it may yet be Gil - may lie in the S trucks at the front of the train.  It appears that the second is part filled with some sort of uncovered aggregate or rock.

Enjoy the mystery!