24 July 2011


Evening all... I am working hard on the world's first expose of Curban, but before I get there, we need to cover off Kamber.  Three paragraphs seems somewhat superfluous.

This location lies 72 kilometres from Dubbo.  It opened as Berida on 18 February 1903, along with the remainder of the railway line.  Consistent with the whim of post-colonial bureaucrats, Berida shed its title in favour of the prosaic term, Kamber, on 5 May 1903.  Apparently this title was drawn from a local Aboriginal word for ‘a spring’.

The station was constructed on the western side of the railway and was constituted by a timber waiting shed perched upon a 30 metre platform.  These facilities appear to have served local needs until the station’s closure in 1965.  Even after that time as an unattended location passengers could join and alight from services until the cessation of passenger services here on 22 September 1975.

The solitary goods siding provided at Kamber received a goods loading bank in July 1956.  This facility remains in place.

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