28 August 2011


And now for the penultimate stop on the Coonamble branch, Combara, which is situated within the Budgeon Parish, part of Leichhardt County.  This tiny railway landmark existed 135 rail kilometres from Dubbo, making it 596 rail kilometres from Sydney.  The establishment of the railway brought a metropolitan expansion, requiring the opening of a post office in June 1904 and a public school in September 1904.

Combara’s station operated from the opening of the railway, until after the cessation of passenger rail services in November 1974.  It was closed officially on 22 September 1975.  Apparently the passengers had been treated to a single waiting room, built on a timber-faced platform. Nothing too fancy for those awaiting the two daily trains.

A single goods siding completed the railway infrastructure.  Along this siding, loading/wool bank and sheep yards were provided.  At some later stage a 5 tonne crane and a goods shed were added.  In 1968 a C-type wheat depot was also added, thereby providing a total capacity of 28,600 tonnes.

Today Combara has a 584 metre loop for its grain depot.  This time a gravity hump exists at the northern end of the loop.

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