13 November 2011

Level crossings

Here's a reeeaaaaallly interesting subject - level crossings, or railway crossings by roads - public and private.

Seven crossings existed within a short 4.4 kilometre stretch surrounding Eumungerie’s railway precinct.  Approaching from the south, the first was a public crossing located at 497.227 kilometres from Sydney. 

A second level crossing, nominated as Eumungerie, was located at 497.951 kilometres, while the Eumungerie Yard level crossing was located at 497.971 kilometres - just 20 metres to the north!  This level crossing had gates in the boundary fence of the railway yard. 

Going north, three further public level crossings were located at 498.675 kilometres (the northern end of the yard), 499.701 kilometres and 501.089 kilometres.  

The final level crossing, known as Dohnt’s (Private) level crossing, was located at 501.592 kilometres.

There is not much moresay about this particular topic.  On unfenced lines, such as the Coonamble branchline, crossing the track was a pretty easy job for any pedestrian.  Perhaps the need for, or existence of, seven crossings in under five kilometres is emblematic of the fairly relaxed view taken of civilisation out in those parts. 

Still, enough chatting.  Here's a photograph from 1985 of 4905 and 4875 making their way north across the crossing at 498 kilometres and 675 metres distant from the buffer stops at platform 1 in Sydney Steam Terminal.

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