15 May 2016

Garratt North!

A chance look at the ACT ARHS website on Wednesday afternoon disclosed that 6042 6029 is planning to do shuttle tours out of Dubbo on 28 and 29 May (more information on these shuttles is at canberrarailwaymuseum.org).

I had initially presumed that these shuttles would follow the pattern of others run previously by 3801 Ltd and the NSW RTM - that is, stick to the mainline.  It was only a half in hope request from the Senior Train Hunter that I checked the itinerary to find that amidst the Dubbo-Guerie shuttles, there are two planned to Eumungerie.  A Garratt returns to the Coonamble line after nearly 50 years! Woohoo!!!

I have mentioned previously that I never saw a Garratt on the line as most of the workings were at night and such operations came to an abrupt end on 9 January 1967 when 6011 caused the rail bridge over the Talbragar River to partially collapse under its weight.  My post on this blog from 4 January 2012 recounted this event: http://eumungerierail.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/talbragar-bridge-collapse.html.

Anyway, some 49 years later a Garratt is once more scheduled to head to Eumungerie, this time over a replacement bridge. And we have tickets to be right behind it in car A.  I have always held hope of getting a ride along the branch by steam, but I always figured it would be most likely to be behind a 32 or a 30T - and this would be great.  But a Garratt - that's one to tick off the bucket list.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, here's a snap of a Garratt in Dubbo loco from around 1965.

And to keep commemorating the upcoming event, here's another of a Garratt moving down the yard.

Anyway, now that I have our tickets I certainly encourage anyone who wants a really great experience (watching two old blokes thoroughly enjoy themselves), get tickets for that Saturday shuttle to Eumungerie. 

Wonder what are the chances of a cab ride?


  1. In your excitement you must have become confused. It is 6029 doing the honours this weekend. 6042 is still rusting away in a paddock at Forbes.

    I hope you have a great trip!

    1. oops! There was no miracle return - 29 did the honours