25 October 2016

He's back - Part II

I have been a little quieter than normal over the past two months on this blog but to borrow a phrase from a well-known Halloween movie - He's Back!

The reasons for my absence are explained in the most recent post on my other blog (NSW Rail Rambler) but just lets summarise to say it was my own clumsy fault. I am still slowly recovering files from a near-dead laptop so while I continue in that chore I thought I would post a quick blog to keep the loyal few in suspense, to borrow a line from another Don(ald).

No blog would be complete without a photo so I thought I would post the following one of the front end of blue 3028T in Dubbo loco, circa 1968. The news that Austrains is contemplating releasing a HO gauge version of this very loco has made this humble and poor scribe very happy. I do hope that they accurately reflect the deterioration in the buffer beam correctly!

So, until I have recovered the remainder of my files, adieu!


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