26 June 2011

Leaping over Eumungerie

A journey of 15 kilometres from Mogriguy and 46 kilometres from Dubbo brings the rail traveller to the village of Eumungerie. 

In certain novels, one would describe what I am about to state next as being a device to build dramatic effect.  The truth is that I am nowhere near ready to launch into my Eumungerie phase of this blog, so I am going to simply leap over it.

However, before we leap to Balladoran, I have enlisted the vast resources of Mr Google (in a research and fair dealing sense, with due attribution – just in case this blog comes to the attention of a Google Lawyer) to show just where Eumungerie is in the scheme of things.

First, in terms of the South East Asia/Western Pacific geo-political zone, Eumungerie is denoted by the ‘A’ in the eastern part of Australia.

Then, zooming in, here is Eumungerie in terms of its location in the Australian State of New South Wales. 

Even more illuminating for the many readers of this blog, the following is a snap of Central Western NSW – illuminating if you have been reading earlier posts about the many railway lines and proposals.  Sorry, I really should have published a photo of the area earlier than this.

Now, the Eumungerie district. Note that the wonderful little 'A' appears in East Eumungerie, and that the little universal Google railway station logo sits atop the centre of Eumungerie.

 And, even closer, the township of Eumungerie. The largest building visible is the grain silo/bulk storage facility, which will be described in much detail... if I ever get around to it.

So that is it for Eumungerie for the time being.... we are off to Balladoran next but we will return!

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