14 May 2012

Saluting Sir Neville

While my pain-staking efforts to piece together the grain transport along just one branch line continues, others seem to do it just a bit easier.  One such person is a certain Mr Neville Pollard, whom I have never met; just read.

The January 2012 Australian Railway History arrived earlier this year with a tightly-written, yet comprehensive description from Mr Pollard of the great wheat glut of 1917 - something I have touched on less eruditely in earlier posts.  If you are looking for this publication, judge this magazine by its cover.

And then a few weeks ago, the May 2012 issue of the Australian Railway History arrived.  In just two articles, Silo to Seaboard and Striving to Keep Up, Neville Pollard's pen strides across five decades of history.  Good sense, economical writing, unique and challenging insights litter his prose.  In my very humble opinion, quite possibly the finest piece of Australian railway writing in the last decade.  And great background to assist readers through the detailed morass of my postings.

My next blog post and every one hereafter will owe some debt to Mr Pollard, so I might as well just acknowledge it now.  Thank you, Mr Pollard, wherever you are.  

As Molly Meldrum says... if you haven't already, do yourself a favour...

Enjoy the read!

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  1. I agree, Don. A well written, comprehensive yet concise account of a very important aspect of NSW railway (and rural) history.