09 August 2014

A grim future for Eumungerie's farmers

Graincorp have recently announced their 'Regeneration' project, which will result in the closure of tens of grain silos across NSW in a triumph of value stripping out of a former publicly-owned service.  Its a nice bit of 'regeneration', if you define regeneration as sawing off one of your legs in the hope that the lost weight will mean that you can run faster.

For the Coonamble line it will mean that Coonamble and Gilgandra are the two primary sites, with Gular as the third site.  Curban will be held for overflow in future years, while Armatree will remain open for overflow in 2014/15, then to move to 'non-operational' from 2015/16.

Eumungerie and Combara will be placed into 'non-operational' - in simpler words, closed. Last year's harvest was probably the last.

All may not be lost, yet. Graincorp will rent you a silo at Eumungerie, Combar or Armatree. All you need to do is download a form from their website.


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