26 January 2018

The Mail arrives!

Apologies, its been nearly a year without an update.  I do have a sense that this blog will be much more active this year though - probably in a couple of months after several things fall in place.

Your scribe's interest in this location is yet to wane - in fact its getting more intense. The best evidence of this is that there is a fabulously expensive house reno on the cars this year just so I can re-establish a HO layout covering Eumungerie in the garage... that will be more of a 2019 project however the layout is now reassembled and being upgraded.  This means that at some stage I will be posting a few snaps about the recreated Eumungerie, as well as few of bloody fingers from half-blunt Exacto knives etc.

In the meantime, here is a photo of Eumungerie which has only recently surfaced from our family photo collection.  I don't know who took it or when and its a bit over-exposed, but its a rich mine for anyone wishing to model Eumungerie (ie me):
  • The location of the station lamp is shown and its not where I thought it would be (near to the door).  
  • The colour of the weighing scales is not the one I remember or you see typically these days (red, not black).
  • The pub has done good business - the kilns and gas cylinder testify to the thirstiness of the town.
  • The woman on the platform is the local post-mistress (that was their title in those days) waiting to hand the guard some late mail as the train arrives. 
So, enjoy the arrival of the up Far West Express at Eumungerie!


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