20 February 2018

Something to look forward to...

Folks, time for an announcement of sorts.

I haven't been totally lax about things Eumungerie. After taking stock of how this blog is travelling, I decided about 4 months ago additional measures are necessary in order to spread the gospel of the Coonamble line.  So, I did something I rarely do - volunteered for something.

And so it has come to pass that I will be one of the presenters at this year's Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention at Loftus TAFE on 19 May 2018.  The Convention is always a great day out and this year there are some brilliant topics listed (including Coonamble line) and some seriously august and knowledgeable presenters (excluding yours truly). 

As I was worried that I wouldn't have enough information to make a reasonable presentation, I have put together a few slides.  So far it works out to be a 138 slides over a 3 and a half hour presentation - excluding pauses for applause, of course. So I think I will have to cut things down a bit!

Anyway, details about the Convention are starting to be made public at: http://www.mrnsw.org.au/ - I hope that my many readers of this blog (including the Russians and Chinese government officials) will attend the Convention and say g'day to me, even if you choose other sessions. Just come to help me empty my wallet at the trade stands perhaps?  Several readers will have to be there as they seem to be on the speaker list.

I will endeavour to drop a few tasty morsels onto this blog as the Convention draws near.


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